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Creating AI Generated Art in 2022

In August of 2022 I saw someone on Youtube using Midjourney to engineer machine learning prompt art. Once I saw what it could do I had to use something like it. I downloaded Wonder on my phone and started typing. It reverse engineers whatever you type while grasping at whatever the internet thinks of human history and your words to create awe inspiring and sometimes dreadful looking images.

Sometimes the generator is close to what you want and sometimes it is very far off. There is a skill to it and I'm sure those skills will change drastically with time. It's hard to create something stunning visually that makes sense in some way with just a few words. I've found that using commas and making small changes to things will tweak your image in ways you couldn't even imagine.

Celebrity faces are easy to conjure up as they are found all over the internet but regular old people are not. Even the celebrities have a caricature to them that is always fun. The Wonder app and many like do not allow you to put in pictures of your friends and I imagine this is because of the many implications.

After drooling over this tech for a few days it became somewhat mundane with it's tendencies. I'm realizing that this tech is no more powerful than a google search engine. It's just mixed with some other tech.

Again, there is a skill to it and don't discount the artistry involved in creating something purely from your imagination.

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