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How AI Generated Art Can Help Artists Workflow

Imagine you have a picky client and they don't really know what they want. You could pull out your trusty smart phone and create a few images with one of the available AI art generators. 20 plus images could be created in a matter of minutes and they could be texted to the client. The client could then have a much stronger idea of what to tell you about likes and dislikes and direction. If we let this, it will help artists to create more art that is enjoyable and mutually beneficial to both parties. Hopefully it will cut out a lot of the painstaking back and forth.

Imagine having a screenplay or graphic novel idea and being able to generate images that at least get a point across visually. People who make story boards for movies will be able to attain more focused direction and progress in their creations.

Eventually one person will be able to create what big studios do today. Imagine what the big studios will be able to do. Creators will have more freedom and flexibility.

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